What are the benefits?

There are many advantages to hosting an international Intern/Trainee at your company, ranging from financial benefits, to strengthening international ties, cultural exchange and enrichment. You will also be actively shaping the future, and that’s a very big reward in and of itself.

The Intern/Trainee will bring a French and European perspective to your operation as well as an understanding of cultural differences, which are both vital in today’s global economy.

  • Qualified Interns/Trainees. You can add well-educated, motivated and bilingual Interns/Trainees to your workforce for up to 18 months, giving your company access to new ideas and practices, which are all opportunities to inject dynamism and innovation into your teams.
  • Competitiveness. This high-profile bilingual Intern/Trainee will reinforce your workforce with low cost for your company & financial benefits.
  • Flexible HR solution. Your company can host an Intern/Trainee from 1 to 18 months, depending on the Visa and based on your needs.
  • International exposure. The Intern/Trainee will bring a French and European perspective and culture to your organization, helping your company to develop your international footprint.
  • It’s easy. Paperwork is managed by Business France. The FACC guides you and your Intern/Trainee through the application process and assists with the necessary documentation making the entire process easy and fast.
  • A Once in a Lifetime Experience. The Interns/Trainees have the unique opportunity to boost their professional skills in an international environment and their cross-cultural awareness which are both essential in a global economy.
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