Exchange Visitor Program (J-1 Visa & VIE)

The Exchange Visitor Program At a Glance

Following the October 25th Presidential Proclamation lifting Schengen area travel restrictions effective November 8th, 2021, we are resuming the processing of J-1 Exchange Visitor applications, effective immediately.

The Exchange Visitor Program encourages cultural exchange by allowing exchange visitors (VIE, J1-Visa) to come to the United States for up to 12 months as Interns or for up to 18 months as Trainees to participate in full time, paid, practical training programs at eligible FACC member companies.

Internships are designed for students and recent graduates wishing to stay up to 12 months in the U.S. Traineeships are for more experienced candidates wishing to stay up to 18 months in the U.S.

The VIE Program falls within the scope of the Exchange Visitor Program and the VIE candidate holds a J-1 Visa. According to his profile, the candidate has either an intern or a trainee status.

These programs are extremely beneficial for both candidates and host companies, and serve to further diplomatic ties between the U.S. and the world. The candidates gain valuable experience in a wide range of fields, including finance, engineering, law, communications and technology, while host companies benefit from young international talent.

As an official sponsor and the only J-1 Visa sponsor dedicated to the French-American business community, the FACC will guide you throughout the process whether you are a host company or an Intern/Trainee Candidate. The FACC-Atlanta will coordinate year-round American cultural events for J-1 Exchange Visitors and professional networking opportunities.


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