The role of the FACC

The FACC is the only sponsor for J-1 Visa and VIE dedicated to the French-American business community and maintains strong relationships with U.S. and French government officials.

As an official designated sponsor by the U.S. Department of State, the FACC-NYC has 40+ years of experience with this program. Their dedicated bilingual team (French and English) will assist you in the process whether you are a Host Company or an Intern/Trainee Candidate throughout the program.

After carefully reviewing a candidate’s qualifications, experience and motivations, we determine whether the candidate is eligible for the program and, if so, issue the Certificate of Eligibility (DS-2019) to allow the application to proceed to the next step: visa issuance at the American Embassy.


The FACC-Atlanta as your local contact

The FACC-Atlanta is your local partner and your link to the FACC-NYC. We will help you start the process and connect you with their Exchange Visitor Program Team. We can also help you find the right company to host you for your Internship or Traineeship or we can connect your company with a potential Intern or Trainee that would fit your company' s needs.

We also coordinate year-round American cultural events for all J-1 Exchange Visitors and professional networking opportunities.

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