Webinar - Houston Chapter l The Art of Negotiation

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When it comes to negotiating, what’s your approach? Ideally it helps to have a plan before a negotiation activity, however the focus of the workshop will be expanding your knowledge of the criteria to consider when you find yourself in a negotiating situation.


What are the ‘elements’ to consider in negotiating? What are the fundamentals or ‘basics’ of negotiating? How does the role of a ‘relationship’ affect the negotiation? How important is it to ‘ask’ questions during the negotiation?

About the speaker: Frank Rodriguez, Jr.

About the speaker: Frank is a business development/sales entrepreneur with the following experience: petroleum geologist, natural gas marketer, energy broker, upstream technical recruiting, and upstream technical sales. Frank’s negotiated deals on behalf of energy service companies (marketing, upstream technical consulting/technology) to oil & gas operators, from majors to small independents. Frank’s current clients include DeepCast.ai (Field/Rate Transient Analysis: Physics-AI), Kingsfield Services (completion chemicals), and CK Polymers (drilling/production chemicals). The workshop will include negotiating scenarios from Frank’s experience working in the energy industry.

Who should attend:

· Leaders who would like to improve their understanding of the negotiation process

· Technical personnel interested in learning how to be comfortable with negotiating.

· Aspiring hiring managers seeking new ideas to enhance their overall performance.

Light lunch will be provided.


This webinar is organized by the FACC-Houston


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