Webinar FACC NY l The COVID-19 Impact on Online Behavior – Luxury Industry Focus


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Join Jean-Marc Bellaiche as he discusses the current online buying trends and its impact on the luxury industry during the COVID-19 crisis.


As the world has shifted towards a fully online existence, our focuses have changed and our buying habits have evolved. To wholly understand the impact the global adjustment has had on the luxury industry, Jean-Marc Bellaiche of Contentsquare will discuss how online traffic, consumer engagement strategies, and sales are changing rapidly as the crisis continues.  

With Contentsquare constantly monitoring online activity and behavior, Jean-Marc will pose and consider questions relating to current online success, geography, and the differences between luxury goods as they play into what the future of the industry will inevitably look like.  



Jean-Marc is in charge of Contentsquare’s global strategy and heads up the global marketing and partners teams. Jean-Marc was a Senior Partner at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), where he led the global luxury, beauty and fashion practice. During his 22 years at BCG, he worked closely with the executive teams of major global brands including Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Tiffany & Co, Clarins and L’Oreal, advising on their growth strategy.

Prior to joining Contentsquare, Jean-Marc spent 4 years at Tiffany & Co where he was Senior Vice President Strategy and Business Development. Jean-Marc has a degree from Centrale Paris (class of 1992) and an MBA from the Insead business school (class of 1996). He is known for his strategic vision, excellent communication skills and his perfect grasp of the challenges and mindset of Contentsquare’s clients and partners.


This webinar is organized by the FACC - New York


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